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The Rainforest

Rainforests such the Amazon, the Congo Delta and the Australasian rainforests are needed because of their importance to the environment. As a result, when speaking about global warming, receding ice caps and El Nino, it is hardly possible to not mention the Amazon and its worth to mankind as a source of life, mystic and power. Rainforests, especially the Amazon, are known as the lungs of the world because of the large quantities of oxygen that are released into the air by trees, and the carbon dioxide which is in turn absorbed into the trunks of the rainforest trees and trapped in a solid form of carbon for several hundreds of years.

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In this way, rainforests help regulate the earth’s temperature by stabilizing temperatures so that they do not become too hot or exceedingly cold, as have been the case for the past years because of the continued destruction of rainforests across the globe. To be able to achieve this as well, rainforest trees serve as a protective cover from the direct rays of the sun, and facilitate the recycle process of water vapor that rain forest trees release into the atmosphere, and consequently help the formation of clouds and rainfall. If has been proven that countries with very little rainfall and no rainforests are generally very dry and may suffer from drought if the adequate mechanism for water supply is not put in place. This results in millions of dollars being spent annually to ensure that water is readily available for personal and general use including farming. Because rainforests like the Amazon stretch over hundreds of hectares and traverse several countries throughout South American, the positive effects of the Amazon rainforest are far reaching, capable of protecting the entire Earth. In fact, the Amazon rainforest is measured to be about 25 times larger than England.

Lately, it has seemed as though all floods experienced in countries were major, causing significant loss of life and infrastructural damage, such as have been seen in Latin America, China, New Orleans and most recently, Pakistan. Though countries with rainforests are not excluded from the threat of floods, the trees of rainforests uphold soil and keep rocks stable. If many trees of a rainforest were to be burnt or cut, the occurrence of major land and mudslides as a result of rainforest areas should not be a surprise. Silt and minerals that are constantly washed away into rivers and seas because of continued human intervention in rainforest areas to construct houses and establish communities, is often to the detriment of the natural environment and ultimately, the people themselves.

Rivers that originate from rainforests are critical sources of food and subsistence for animals as well as human beings, who equally rely on the rivers in rainforests for basic survival. Heavily rainforest countries with large amounts of water generated by rivers are usually able to generate electricity and operate irrigation systems for farming with the use of rivers. This considerably decreases the resources that would have been spent to generate electricity and practice certain farming techniques with the use of diesel.

Fruits found in rainforests contain all the vitamins and minerals needed by human bodies for proper functioning and warding off sickness and disease. Antioxidants founds in rainforest plants have proven to be effective in fighting cancer and its prevention for normal healthy lives. Certain food crops and roots are rich in minerals that are needed for healthy nervous systems, tissue formation, a strong immune system, fertility and human growth. Medicinal properties found in plants and animals of rainforests are in many cases the hope for cures to many incurable ailments and diseases that human beings suffer from. The support of governments and private organisations for the promotion and conduct of research into these resources of rainforests is indeed vital.

The fight to save rainforests is often seen as an uphill battle because of unsustainable and often cruel way in which rainforests are exploited and destroyed. All the technology that mankind has developed over the past century have shown man’s innovation and intelligence, but are yet to prove man’s ability to withstand Mother Nature at her angriest; a threat that remains imminent with the constant destruction of the only natural source of healing and environmental protection here on Earth – the rainforests.

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