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Protect Rainforest Products

Rainforest products need to be protected for many reasons. Rainforests have been shown to be vital to human existence in controlling and assuaging climate change and providing a source of healthy mineral, vitamins and nutrients that ward off illnesses. The history of many countries lie in their rainforests, because of the tribes and early peoples who once lived in these rainforests and left their marks in many ways through art, pottery, hieroglyphs and structures.

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Most times, preserving these artifacts is synonymous with preserving the areas in which they are located, hence why today countries are designating certain areas as national parks and reserves, since the loss of history and heritage is becoming increasingly evident. Preserving these products of the rainforests is also important for generations to come, as most countries have built their identities and are identified by their history, how they formed and their first inhabitants, who are an essential source of folk music, dance and spiritual beliefs.

Rainforest products, like trees for example, tell how old countries and regions are and give essential information on how these regions were formed based on the flora and fauna found. As a rainforest product, trees are also important for protecting land because of their root systems which uphold soil and make the land more resistant to flooding and soil erosion. This is often blatantly ignored despite the hundreds of scenarios today of the loss of millions of lives to floods, and the billions of dollars that have to be invested to provide aid; all because of the sake of unsustainable rainforest activities and abuse of rainforest products.

The victims of rainforest destruction and the unsustainable use of rainforest products are endless. Water is life, and despite the alarming decrease in the levels of fresh water sources and reserves around the world, which has had tremendous negative political, economic and social repercussions on some countries, rainforest products continue to be misused and poorly managed. Plagues, starvation, infertile land, poverty and political rest are only a few of the negative consequence that arise for the mismanagement of rainforests and their products.

After having expended or destroyed natural forests, countries throughout the worked are forced to important artificially products and commodities which could have otherwise been produced naturally and locally. A vivid example is the large scale importation of tinned drinks into countries with hectares of naturally growing mango, orange, grapefruit and other citrus trees. Whilst sound policies could be established and implemented to use these rainforest products sustainably, it is common to see high levels of unemployment and a greater level of appreciation for products advertised on the television; often with questionable traceability and low nutritional value.

The need to protect rainforest products cannot be envisaged in the mindset of obtaining transient, short term financial benefits, but rather within the framework of instilling healthy lifestyles, proper eating habits, strong cultural values and sustainable growth and development. And this must be put into practice in countries with lots of natural resources, especially when countries which naturally do not possess rainforests are trying everything possible to plant trees, create natural parks and orchards to achieve a greater degree of sustainability, cultural awareness and self-sufficiency for development.

The essence of protecting rainforest products and rainforests extends far beyond protecting the climate, and rests at the bosom of human survival in eradicating poverty, crime, intolerance and other ills that affect societies around the world because of the far reaching and permanent consequences that the poor management and abuse of rainforests can have on societies and countries way before and long after the negative impacts of climate change are felt.

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