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Medicinal Rainforest Products

For many years, plants and animals in the rainforest have been a source of healing. This has been acknowledged by scientists all over the world, and hence why today, resources are being increasingly invested into medicinal rainforest products.

Medicinal rainforest products do not only serve to provide food, but enhance the beauty of surroundings and health of human beings. At least 70% of rainforest products, mostly plants, and animals on a lesser scale, are believed to contain medicinal properties that are capable of treating and avoiding cancer and other human illnesses.

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Fully discovering and exploiting the medicinal properties of rainforest products requires thorough and lengthy research to ensure that these properties are proven correct, effective and safe for use on humans. Many medicinal rainforest products have already been thoroughly studied to discover their side effects, uses and the dosages in which they can be administered to humans. Some medicinal rainforest products also work best along with other vitamins and minerals, and thus, the necessary combinations have to be properly researched in order to keep people well informed and treated in the right way.

Because of the numerous species of plants and medicinal rainforest products that exist in rainforests, on many occasions, the only indication that scientists and residents of rainforest may receive regarding the medicinal property of a rainforest plant, is the reaction of animals to that plant. Likewise, medicinal properties in animals and insects that inhabit rainforests are observed in the way in which the animal defends itself, and very often, venoms found in the defense mechanism of rainforest animals are the antidote for other venoms and poisonous substances that are lethal to human life.

As time goes by, the medicinal rainforest products become more and more complex and advanced because of the constant evolution of species, their adaptation to new situations, disease, environments, pests, infection and predators. Defense mechanisms as a result evolve over time so that medicinal rainforest products found in animals are effective in providing animals with protection. Many chemical compounds are therefore synthesized by plants and animals, converting them into excellent medicinal rainforest products that can be extracted in laboratories and developed for human use.

The properties of medicinal rainforest products cover a wide range of areas that are beneficial to humans, with regard to antioxidant activity, building the immune system, curing illness, increasing youthfulness, strengthening the hair and nails, the eyes, making the heart healthy, improving the skin, increasing energy and vitality and improving memory and the ability to learn. At least 25% of drugs developed for pharmaceutical use come from rainforest medicinal products.

In spite of all of this, figures show that less than 5% of medicinal rainforest products have been researched, since scientists generally tend to concentrate on medicinal rainforest product species that they are already familiar with because of the thousands of plants and animal species found in the rainforest. However, as more corporations and government institutions are involved in conservation, organic products and promotion healthy lifestyles, research into medicinal rainforest products has grown in leaps and bounds. The United States National Cancer Institute is one of those organisations and has made headway in medicinal rainforest product for the treatment, cure and prevention of cancer and related illnesses. Technological advancement has made it possible to quickly screen at least 60 different types of cancer at the National Cancer Institute, by testing the types of cancer against the molecular compounds of different medicinal rainforest products, which react differently depending on the effect that the rainforest product has on the cancer.

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