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Rainforest Products

The products derived from nature have hundreds of uses, some of which are naturally and directly obtained, while others require plant processing in order to be produced and capable of human consumption and use. But besides their physical use for providing food and product, the importance of rainforest products extends to the economy, livelihood and cultural traditions of tribal communities that depend on rainforest products for survival.

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Having said this, the importance of rain forest products for the subsistence of communities that depend on rainforest products for survival is one of the reasons why rainforests need to be preserved. This is closed associated with the practices, art, craft, entertainment and lives of tribal communities that grow and harvest rainforest products such as food crops, fruits and vegetables for survival. These rainforest communities still have a communal way of life and do not engage in active trade as regular, modern communities do with the use of money as the means of exchange. Instead, these rainforest communities are self sufficient and survive using their surroundings. Houses are made from dried wood, leaves and woven reeds, jewelry and clothing come from natural rainforest products and dyes derived from rainforest trees and games are played with the use of rainforest products like beads and ropes from fruits and trees. Because life is adapted to what is provided by the natural surroundings, the need to import on a large scale and to have large varieties of material goods is not as essential as in modern day societies.

Certain rainforest products are associated with the religious beliefs of rainforest tribal and surrounding communities. Traditional religious belief and spiritual practices are deeply ingrained in many of these societies that have not yet been strongly influenced by Christianity and other religions, making the use need for rainforest products like animal hide, dyes and fruits are absolutely necessary for conducting certain ceremonies and tribal rites.

Notwithstanding this, there are rainforest communities that border rainforests and have been influenced by modern day lifestyles. The exchange of the tradition way of life has led to the dependence of modern produced goods and services, and a shift away from the use of rainforest products for survival as was done traditionally. This is turn creates the need to generate money in order to be able to survive in the modern day society, resulting in the cutting of rainforest trees to be sold as lumber and manufacturing rainforest products and bi products. In this way, rainforest products are of economic importance to these societies which are still not heavily developed in terms of modern day infrastructure, but need to survive in accordance with the demands of modern day lifestyle, which makes money a necessity.

Health and medicine with regard to rainforest products are closely entwined. First, rainforest products such as fruits and vegetable have been the focus of lots of research into finding cures for illnesses. Not only are rainforest products still largely unaffected by the use of fertilizers on a large scale because of the absence of farming in heavily forested rainforest zones, which make them organic, but because of the hundreds of healing properties found in different types of rainforest products. They are natural and most plants are multipurpose in dealing with different human ails and conditions. Many of these rainforest products form an integral part of the lives of rainforest communities, making it almost unnecessary to use modern day medicine to treat illnesses. It is common for people of rainforests to live for over a hundred years or age and to not suffer from the major illnesses that most people in modern day societies suffer from, thanks to the natural and healthy properties of rainforest products that are consumed by these societies.

In light of the threat the rainforests are under because of growing societies and modernism, it is important to find ways in which rainforest products can be harnessed sustainably, through laws and policies that are specifically designed to protect rainforests and rainforest products so that their importance to mankind can be perpetuated.

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